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    We are the Craig Duncan Family! We love to travel and go on adventures. We have created this site to help showcase and share with family and friend our crazy shenanigans. We call our travels “Funky” because that’s what they are unique and special to our family. We, Craig, Heather and Laurynda look forward to sharing our adventures.

In December of 2015 when we learned we were having twins we were absolutely shocked and thrilled. Honestly, it took 3 to 4 ultrasound appointments to truly believe it.   What we learned quickly is we had Monochorionic-Diamniotic “MoDi” twins.  Very quickly we were educated on the language around babies.  Little did we know they call single births “Singletons” a.k.a. Laurynda. At the time it didn’t register exactly what they were talking about in regards to our twins, all we could comprehend was “identical twins”.  Since then, we have learned that there are a large variety of twins and ours being “MoDi” simply meant that the twins are monozygotic (identical) twins that share the same placenta, and have their own individual sacks. Monochromic twins occur in 0.3% of all pregnancies. And about 75% of monozygotic twin pregnancies are monochorionic. Needless to say we learned quickly that the pregnancy was considered high risk not only based on Heather’s age, but there was a high probability of twin-to-twin transfusion (TTT).  TTT is because the babies share a placenta and there is a greater risk of one baby steeling all the nutrients and the other baby getting nothing, and resulting in premature deliver, loss of one baby or both.

Over the course of 36 weeks, there have been multiple ultrasounds, blood tests, doctors’ visits, heart monitoring, etc. With each visit we became more educated and passed each milestone and test with flying colors.    Today, looking back at the course we took to get to this wonderful place of 36 +1, and seeing all we’ve done, is amazing.   In 36 weeks the following has happened in the Duncan household. Heather moved an office in January, vacation in January, moved homes in April, visits with family in Denver, identity theft, no bed rest, working up to the day of deliver, difficulties breathing from 6 weeks on, and then asthma set in, along with elephant feet (swelling), blood pressure tests each night before bed, and a really big belly….we’ve had an interesting journey.  We are now waiting with  excitement for the boys to arrive and feeling completely blessed to have defeated all the odds placed before us.  There is nothing else to do but  feel complete gratitude for the many blessings we have received.

However, we can’t take all the credit, as so much of our success in getting this far, and healthy goes to the amazing team of doctors (OB & the Specialist), nurses, ultrasound technicians, folks in the labs (vampires), family (moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and cousins), very close friends, godfathers, neighbors, office mates, a husband who made so many things happen without Heather  knowing and doing it all with such loving care, even when Heather couldn’t make up my mind what the three of us wanted for dinner (which was daily), and little Laurynda for always finding a way to make us smile and her wonderful ability to adjust with the changes of moms tummy.

The journey has been a blessed one and definitely learning and growing experience for our family. We are filled with joy and anticipation for the arrival of the boys and meeting them face to face.

With all of this excitement we wanted to recognize and acknowledge what a wonderful three years it has been with Laurynda and being a family of three. We celebrate the years we have had as a small family and look forward to our adventures as a family of five.  In recognition of our growing family we had one last photo session with the three of us (boy’s included), this could really make it five.   We had fun, see photos below.

Regardless, if you are reading this and you have been a part of our magical journey that has helped us arrive at today (you know who you are) we can’t thank you enough for your support, love, kindness, friendship, and for everything you have done to celebrate with us.

Photo credit to Kelly Sarno of Digital Dimensions Photography in Glenwood Springs.

We are looking forward to the next post announcing the arrival and names of the boys.


We had great time at Aunt Cherie’s wedding.  Despite the early morning rain, the weather cleared for a delightful evening. Cherie was a beautiful bride, no surprise there.  Preston cleans up well and we are excited to have him in our family.  Laurynda was a flower girl…and Heather was an unexpected flower girl due to our daughter’s firm grip on her finger.  It was great seeing almost all of our huge Glover family.

I (Craig) had great conversations with the Browning family and even my sister Kacey Duncan was there.  I got to see people I hadn’t seen in over 30 years. It brought back a lot of memories. We even drove though Scott City on the way home so I could see my childhood home.

All in the first family road trip was a complete success…..even with the multiple episodes of Mickey’s Club House, Frozen, and Madagascar (we like to move it, move it).

A few photos found below of the beautiful bride, the bride with  her mom and dad, the bride and groom, Nana and Laurynda, Craig and Kacey, a few of the animals at the wedding site and the stunning Flower Girl.