Flower Girl……Wedding and Family Fun…..

We had great time at Aunt Cherie’s wedding.  Despite the early morning rain, the weather cleared for a delightful evening. Cherie was a beautiful bride, no surprise there.  Preston cleans up well and we are excited to have him in our family.  Laurynda was a flower girl…and Heather was an unexpected flower girl due to our daughter’s firm grip on her finger.  It was great seeing almost all of our huge Glover family.

I (Craig) had great conversations with the Browning family and even my sister Kacey Duncan was there.  I got to see people I hadn’t seen in over 30 years. It brought back a lot of memories. We even drove though Scott City on the way home so I could see my childhood home.

All in the first family road trip was a complete success…..even with the multiple episodes of Mickey’s Club House, Frozen, and Madagascar (we like to move it, move it).

A few photos found below of the beautiful bride, the bride with  her mom and dad, the bride and groom, Nana and Laurynda, Craig and Kacey, a few of the animals at the wedding site and the stunning Flower Girl. 


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